Speedi will remain open until further notice, so that we can continue to provide an essential service to our community. We’ve put additional precautions in place to help protect you and our team from COVID-19 exposure.

As an Express Wash, we normally have very little personal interaction between our team, customers, members, etc., which helps ensure safety during this period of social distancing. Even so, we’re now taking even more steps to make sure that you can stay protected when you visit.

Here’s what we’ve implemented in response to the CDC’s advice:

• Following all recommended COVID-19 safety steps (social distancing, washing hands, not coming to work with any sign of felt illness, wearing gloves) and more
• Gloves mandated for employees
• Extra disinfectants stocked to sanitize and clean on site
• Pay stations wiped down regularly
• Vacuum handles cleaned after every use

Besides work and home, people spend the most time of all in their vehicles. We now know that coronavirus can last up to 4-5 days on surfaces. Your vehicle is no exception. Your car should be regularly sanitized to protect against any possible viral spread.

Speedi looks forward to helping you keep your vehicle clean, so you can rest easy.